Thank God it’s Thursday! After months of living a Meredith-less life, the hit ABC series “Grey’s Anatomy” will return for another installment filled with medical mysteries and relationship drama on Thursday, Sept. 24. And while we’re excited to sit down and watch the anticipated Season 12 premiere (with a big glass of red) we couldn’t help but wonder what chaos played out in the Season 11 finale?

Check out our recap of what happened in episode 25, titled “You’re My Home,” before “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 12, episode 1 premiere:

The Season 11 finale began with April (Sarah Drew) attempting to save the life of a man who was nearly crushed to death during the collapse of a tunnel – an event that took place in the previous episode. The doctors worked together to give the expecting father a second chance at life while Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) worked hand-in-hand to keep the pregnant girlfriend of the crushed patient alive. (She was also injured during the infrastructure fail.)

The physicians decided that the best chance at keeping the injured man alive was by removing him from the wreckage and quickly rushing him into a surgical room so that they could treat the wounds with proper care. This plan required all hands on deck – even the interns. The newbies were tasked with making sure Owen (Kevin McKidd) and the other surgeons could swiftly get their patient into the operating room – or else he could bleed out and die.

Luckily the surgeons were able to save the father, mother and their child. But the drama wasn’t over yet. Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April faced an obstacle in their relationship when the red-headed doc revealed to her husband that she planned on returning to the military – an opportunity that previously helped her cope with the death of her child.

“You got to have your life-altering journey, and I stayed behind. I silenced myself so you could grieve. I needed to [grieve] with you. That’s what marriage is to me, April,” he said, giving his wife his blessing for her to go overseas but revealing he wouldn’t be waiting around for her when she came back home.

“If I go, then we’re done? You’re calling it?” she questioned the ultimatum he left her with.

While Japril’s relationship began to crumble, Catherine (Debbie Allen) and Richard’s (James Pickens, Jr.) romance seemed to flourish as the two put aside their differences (like who would be appointed the new Chief of Medicine) to get hitched – thanks to Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) who advised to couple to squash their quarrels seeing as life is too short. (Meredith just recently suffered the loss of her husband.)

It was during the twosome’s wedding reception that fans were given some closure, allowing them to prepare for a “lighter toned” Season 12. In the final moments of the episode, viewers were given a sweet flashback of Derek (Patrick Dempsey) on the Seattle ferry, leaving a voicemail to his wife about how much he loved his family.

Although McDreamy won’t be present in the upcoming installment, Jason George, who portrays the tall, dark and handsome character Ben, dished that “Grey’s Anatomy” would be returning to its roots during Season 12.

“There’s a lot of things that make [Season 12] feel brand new, but it has that lightness and sense of humor that people fell in love with in the first place. And the sexy sexy is back on,” he told People magazine.

“Grey’s Anatomy” will airs its Season 12 premiere on Thursday, Sept. 24, at 8 p.m. EDT.