Halloween is certainly the best time of the year. It is fun dressing in ridiculous costumes, enjoying yourself in the weirdest and the craziest manners possible without ever revealing your identity. It is, essentially, the best time to live the life you desire; as a character of your choice, forgetting all the sorrows and troubles in your black-and-white life.

The rainbow-colored human slinky is not only a children's toy but the funniest, exciting and most perfect costume for the crazy Halloween night.

The costume previously seen on popular talent shows including the America's Got Talent and several others could be a most unique and colorful costume this Halloween.

Either way, there is just a day left for the magical night. Most people are all ready with their costumes and attires for Monday.

Nevertheless, if you have still not decided, here is a psychedelic costume idea for you.

A human slinky costume is a person in a large fabric-covered twisted slinky. It is certainly a most unusual, astonishing, unique and creative costume that should leave everybody baffled and amused.

According to a Daily Mail report, the entertainment prop - Veniamin's Human Slinky is currently listed on eBay, with a seven-figure 'Buy it Now' price tag, with 10 per cent going to the American Cancer Society.

Check out the human slinky's screen grabs and see if you want to try this on for Halloween.

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