Halloween is the most magical night of the year and pumpkin carving is one of the most popular Halloween customs. It is a crazy night that sees people wear spooky costumes and masks, create frightening atmospheres and share ghost stories; and then, of course, there is the whole tricking-and-frightening other people bit.

The excitement has already begun and the carnival is nearing its peak. Artists Ray Villafane and Andy Bergholtz have carved scary faces into 10 pumpkins at the pumpkin carving exhibition in the Grand Canal Shoppes in Las Vegas.

Carved pumpkins, also called a Jack-o'-lanterns, are a popular Halloween tradition that dates back to the 18th century and have an interesting history. It is said that the original Jack-o'-lantern was not a pumpkin but an old wretched drunkard, named Jack, who used to frighten everybody and play scary tricks on people.

Here is the eerie fable behind this spooky tradition.

The cruel Jack couldn’t rest in peace when he finally died because of his evil acts during his time on earth. He was denied entry to both hell and heaven and was left wandering around in limbo. One time the devil gave him an ember from a flame to help him and since then Jack is believed to roam around with the inside of a hollowed-out turnip lit up by the ember. This is how the Jack-o'- lantern originated.

Since then people have been hollowing out turnips, gourds and later pumpkins and lighting them to keep evil spirits like Jack away from them.

Halloween itself originated from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, which is celebrated to honor departed family and friends.

Either way, both Halloween and the Jack-o-'lantern have spooky associations and fit uncannily well together. It is also an exciting period for children, full of fun activities.

Check out the eerie sculptures carved out of pumpkins! The orange zombies are here to scare you this Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

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