Halloween weekend has arrived and people have already started showing up in full-fledged costumes at various Halloween events. But if you are still hunting for the perfect costume that would make you stand out, the YouTube community has got something very useful to offer.

Here are the top five Halloween costume tips and tricks from YouTube videos that have got millions of views this year.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand two-in-one

Check out this video that shows how to have pop star Katy Perry and her husband Russell Brand on the same face.

Be a Ninja

Here is a video that shows how to make a ninja in 30 seconds from just a t-shirt.

How to Get Angry Like an Angry Bird

This video will show you how to get an easy angry bird look.

The Kidnapper

Two similar clips of kidnapper style costume were some of the most popular Halloween costume videos this year. Although both the videos were posted in 2009, they got hundreds of thousands of views in 2011 after being featured on pop-culture sites.


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