Dame Helen Mirren has the 'Body of the Year,' according to a 2,000 person survey commissioned by gym chain L.A. Fitness.

The Oscar-winning actress beat Elle MacPherson, Pippa Middleton and others, winning 17.65 percent of the vote, reports Sky News.

Mirren, 66, shares the title with the poll's male winner, soccer stud David Beckham.

Beckham claimed the title over Daniel Craig, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp. David Hassellhoff came in at number six, while Simon Cowell at tenth, according to USA Today.

Mirren's most recent big screen project was with Russell Brand in the flopped remake of the 1981 classic, "Arthur."

She is currently working on an HBO television biopic about Phil Spector, replacing Bette Midler in the role of defense lawyer Linda Baden.

Here's a tribute to Mirren and her "Body of the Year."