Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain continues to make light of the sexual harassment allegations brought against him.

When asked Thursday by a supporter if he had heard from Anita Hill, who famously accused Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment in 1991 during his hearings, Cain responded by doubling over with laughter. What, is she going to endorse me? he replied.

Cain's attempts at humor are overshadowed by recent allegations of sexual harassment. Four women have accused Cain of sexual harassment during his period as head of the National Restaurant Association. Although he continues to deny the allegations, he has come under scrutiny from voters and the media alike.

The republican presidential hopeful, however, defended his remarks Friday.

[The supporter] said it in a humorous way. I gave back a humorous response. It was in no way intended to be an insult toward Anita Hill or anybody else, Cain said, The Associated Press reported.

Hill has refused to comment specifically on the allegations of sexual harassment brought against Cain. She is currently touring for a new book published on gender and race relations.

Anita Hill Did Not Comment When Asked on Herman Cain's Behavior:

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