Details of the sexual harassment allegations that have rocked Herman Cain's presidential election campaign may be revealed Friday as an unidentified accuser's lawyer has filed a statement with the National Restaurant Association.

The three women who have accused Cain have not gone public with the details of harassment owing to the confidentiality clause they signed with the National Restaurant Association in a financial settlement in 1990s. The women have said Cain's sexually suggestive behavior during his tenure as the head of the trade group made them angry and uncomfortable.

Accuser's lawyer Joel Bennett's statement will be verified by lawyers of the National Restaurant Association to decide whether or not to lift the confidentiality clause, allowing the woman to speak out.

Cain's camp is in an aggressive damage control mode, accusing his rival Rick Perry of leaking the charges to the media. Cain has named a Perry consultant, Curt Anderson, who used to work with Cain during his 2004 Senate campaign. Cain says he told Anderson about the sexual harassment allegations in 2004, which Perry has conveniently leaked now.

Perry denied the allegations and said the Mitt Romney campaign might be a source, and that his camp learned the whole affair only after the Politico dropped the bombshell with their exclusive.  

Meanwhile, a conservative radio host in Iowa has accused Cain of inappropriate and awkward behavior with two of his female staff. Steve Deace -- believed to have significant influence among the Christian conservatives in the state, which will be the first to vote in the Republican race -- didn't furnish any details of the allegations.

Cain's spokesman, J.D. Gordon, said this about the allegations, including the case of the third woman who emerged Wednesday: Mr. Cain has said over the past two days at public events that we could see other baseless allegations made against him as this appalling smear campaign continues. He has never acted in the way alleged by inside-the-Beltway media, and his distinguished record over 40 years spent climbing the corporate ladder speaks for itself.

According to an Associated Press report, the third accuser was an employee at the National Restaurant Association during the period when the alleged harassment occurred and that she has no political party affiliation currently, according to her voter registration records. However, she was registered briefly as a Democrat.

Cain has appeared worn out at public appearances ever since the sexual harassment story went public on Sunday and has been struggling to dodge reporters' questions.