GOP presidential hopeful and former pizza mogul Herman Cain on Wednesday rebutted Sarah Palin's comment that he is just a flavor of the week when explaining his unexpected victory in a Florida straw poll over the weekend.

Cain had toppled GOP heavyweights former Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts and Gov. Rick Perry of Texas in the Florida straw poll, leading Palin on Fox News to dismiss the former CEO of Godfather's Pizza's potential to clinch the Republican presidential nomination.

On CBS' The Early Show, Cain brushed off Palin's remarks, saying that his campaign is resonating with voters.

Rather than being the flavor of the week, people are saying, 'Ah, there's more to that flavor than meets the eye' and it's substance, said Cain. And I'm going to continue talking about solutions to some of these issues rather than just talking about the issues.

One solution Cain mentioned on the show was his catchy 9-9-9 plan that he said would kickstart this economy.

In short, the plan calls for flat corporate, personal income and national sales taxes, each at 9 percent.

During the CBS interview, Cain also boasted that he is topping his rivals in the polls, highlighting a recent IBOPE Zogby poll putting him at 28 percent, ahead of Perry at 17 percent. He attributed his poll numbers and the Florida straw poll victory to the political activity on the Internet today, an advantage he never had in 2000 when he ran for president.

Cain supporters do not defect, Cain said. They are not going to jump ship.

Cain was also unfazed by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's potential entry into the GOP presidential mix, inviting him to come on down.

Watch the video here.