The moment “House of Cards” fans have been waiting for is nearly here. On Friday, the highly anticipated third season of the Netflix political drama will be released and viewers will get their first taste of an America run by President Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey). However, some fans might need a little clarification about when exactly the binge-watching fun can begin.

Many “House of Cards” fans on the east coast are under the incorrect impression that the new season will be available for streaming at midnight. However, Season 3 goes live at 12 a.m. PST, which means east coast viewers must wait until 3 a.m. EST to hit play on the new season premiere. Viewers in the Central Standard Time zone – CST – must wait until 2 a.m., while viewers in Mountain Standard Time areas – MST -- must wait until 1 a.m. Only lucky fans on the west coast will be good to go when the clock strikes midnight.

When Season 3 is finally available, fans will be dropped right into the new president’s administration. The synopsis for the premiere, “Chapter 27,” reveals that things will be tough at the onset for Frank as he works to introduce a new comprehensive jobs bill to a difficult Congress. Plus, Claire (Robin Wright), stepping into her new role as First Lady, will have business with the United Nations.

Watch the trailer for “House of Cards” Season 3 below:

How will Frank and Claire fare as President and First Lady? Fans will have to wait to find out. “House of Cards” Season 3 premieres on Netflix at midnight PST on Friday, February 27.

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