It’s the beginning of the end for “How I Met Your Mother” fans. The long-running CBS sitcom will air its ninth and final season this fall, and the cast will be returning to set on Wednesday, July 10.

“How I Met Your Mother” left viewers with a number of cliffhangers at the end of season eight. Barney and Robin were about to walk down the aisle, Ted was going to secretly move to Chicago after the wedding, and Marshall had to decide if he should take his dream job or support Lily’s career in Italy.

When the series returns for its hour-long premiere on Monday, Sept. 23, fans will get some of their questions answered, but in the meantime we can speculate from some recently leaked spoilers.

As we previously reported, the season nine premiere is titled “The Locket,” and co-creator Carter Bays confirmed it by posting a photo of the script's title page on Monday. The tweet immediately got fans into a frenzy over filming, but Lily’s Alyson Hannigan took to her Twitter to defuse the filming rumors.


When filming does start up on Wednesday, the cast will be busy. Thanks to previously leaked spoilers, we know that episode one, “The Locket,” will be introducing a new character named Camille. Camille is described as African American or Latina, and in her 30s or 40s. Thanks to Marshall’s “erratic behavior” on a flight from Minnesota to New York, he’ll be escorted off the plane with Camille after a confrontation.

No plot snippets from episode two have been leaked online, but the episode will be called “Coming Back.” According to, the episode three title will be called “The Broken Code.”

But episode titles aren’t the only new exciting news for “How I Met Your Mother” fans. A former guest star recently took to Twitter to share that we may be seeing a little more of him this season:


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