The campaign has begun for Marilyn Monroe's legendary white dress from The Seven Year Itch.

New York City-based entertainment tech company, inQuicity, has launched a nation-wide campaign searching for the ruffled, backless, white halter-dress which will be sold at auction on June 18.

Debbie Reynolds, mother of Star Wars star Carrie Fisher, currently owns the dress which recieved international recognition in 1955 after a Lexington Avenue aubway vent kicked up the dress exposing Monroe's legs and inspiring that legendary pose. Reynolds bought the dress for $1.1 million in 1999. Reynolds had plans to open a fashion museum--she also owns dresses from 1963's Cleopatra and Julie Andrews' guitar from The Sound of Music--but has abandoned those plans and will auction her entire collection on the 18th, Monroe's dress being the centerpiece.

The dress, designed by famed Hollywood fashion designer William Travilla, has never been on public display, which is why inQuicity wants to acquire the dress and has launched its SAVE-THE-DRESS campaign. The campaignm will leverage crowdsourcing and social media to assemble funds needed to place the winning bid when the dress goes under the hammer next month. SAVE-THE-DRESS is headquartered online at and is sponsored by NYC-based inQuicity. If successful, the dress will become the focal point of a multi-city nationwide tour, before it is placed on permanent display in New York.