Search giant Google has come up with mobile Google Sites to enable businesses to enter the mobile space.

This is an up-gradation on Google Sites, launched to let users build Web sites without any HTML knowledge, making it relatively easy.

To create a mobile site, enter the Google site management page, click on General and then go to the action button to tick the Mobile option.

This will automatically adjust site to mobile phones, and then you can save the format by clicking on the Save Changes link.

Then use the More Actions button and follow it up by clicking on Preview as Viewer. Soon you will see the new Mobile link in the notification bar at the top of the page. Clicking on it you can have a look at the mobile view.


Google Sites Mobile Option for iPhone and Android phones after adjustment.

If your site contains items with a fixed width, a gadget, AdSense Ad or image wider than the screen size available this will appear wider than the display.

The mobile view only works on iOS or Android 2.2+ devices, according to

Google has made it easier for smartphone users to activate the Mobile display in iPhones and Android phones by adding mobile versions of the site list, site's search, and browse categories.

The mobile sites enable the users to integrate their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social accounts. Users can also feature the phone number, directions to their business, coupons and menus.

Google has made it useful for businesses as they can get their analytics on traffic as well.

Google says one in five search queries in retail is on mobile phone, and most of these queries are for local availability. The mobile sites can be deployed within minutes.