As the HP TouchPad sale was expected to continue this weekend, an announcement from HP's social media manager has rendered this false, as there will be no news on HP TouchPad availability this weekend and no $99 tablets for sale.

Public Relations Manager Mark Budgell tweeted on Friday, No TouchPad availability today or over the weekend, despite HP's promise that more TouchPads would be available to purchase this week.

Social media manager Bryna Corcoran, who has been releasing updates via her Twitter account throughout the duration of the sale, confirmed with Budgell.

Confirmed: Breaking news is that we're not getting any news on when - today and through weekend, Corcoran tweeted.

The HP TouchPad availability announcement comes after built up hype for the sale to continue this weekend, selling off discontinued tablet computers for $99 for 16GB and $149 for 32GB.

According to previous tweets from Corcoran, HP's Home and Home Office Store are definitely getting more. But not in stock just yet. Any day now. Corcoran also tweeted on Monday that more HP TouchPad would be sold early in the week.

The sale has people around the country scrambling to purchase the heavily discounted tablets, which sold out completely during its first day of sale last week at major retailers.

HP is set to release more TouchPads as a part of their discontinuation sale, meaning no more will be manufactured but those already in the warehouse will be made available for purchase on HP's Web site. The sale comes as HP switches gears to focus on development of the webOS platform, rather than the devices, and from stockpiled inventory due to lack of sales at major electronics retailers.

HP's Web site will most likely be the only place to snag a $99 HP TouchPad tablet during the second wave of availability, as most major electronics retailers like Best Buy and Wal-Mart have run dry of TouchPads due to the significant price reduction.

According to Corcoran, small, medium business stores (SMB) are kaput on inventory, out of stock forever. The best way to try and get a $99 HP TouchPad is to sign up for an alert to be notified when more are in stock.

The exact date for HP TouchPad availability has not been confirmed, as previous updates pointing to the release of tablets this week were not fulfilled by HP.