With so many HP TouchPad's sold after the $99 dollar sale it's time to take a look at some of the best apps for the product:

First thing is First: setting up lifelines.

Facebook:  It's free and easy to use. The HP tablet Facebook app makes it easy to stay connected with your social networks and share news, photos and real life events as they happen.

Spaz HD: A free app that allows you to stay on top of your Twitter and Identica accounts. The app allows you carry out a multiple log-in and provides simple and fast URL short cuts.

Once connected to your desired social media outlets you can look to having some fun.

Angry Birds: the smart device phenomenon is free to download on your HP tablet.  The addictive game can be played on full screen and Angry Birds Rio can be downloaded for a fee of $1.99.

Need for Speed: This is one of the most rated games for the TouchPad. The game includes 20 super charged cars on 20 different events. You can challenge yourself by adding roadblocks, spike strips and oil slicks. Priced at $9.99

Glyder 2 HD: This is a flying game special to the TouchPad that allows you to sweep through a landscape of animation priced at $2.99

Feel like winding down and doing a bit of reading?

Amazon Kindle: It's free. The TouchPad version allows you to sync you Kindle library and browse through text and notes.

MoodAgent: This is a music player for the HP web OS you can create playlists and import them from your touchpad to your tablet.

TuneIn Radio: It's free and gives you local news, sports and music from radio stations of your choice. The app also is capable of gathering streams from radio stations in your city.

Pandora: Your favorite music Website on your TouchPad for free.

Feel like doing some writing?

Typewriter: It's a free text processor that enables you to create and save documents into a drop box and later allows you to transfer via USB.

WordPress: Want to keep up to date with your blog when on the go? This is the perfect free app that allows you to navigate easily through WordPress features.

Need some space to store your thoughts?

Box.net: A free cloud storage app that allows you to store your files on box.net