The effects of Hurricane Irene have not been as dire as expected, but the storm did wreak havoc on universities throughout the Northeast, many of which shut down part or all of their campuses or postponed student move-in dates. Here is a partial list of the universities affected in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts.


Both Columbia University and New York University postponed freshman move-in dates, originally scheduled for Sunday, to Monday. NYU posted a notice to incoming freshmen on its website, reassuring students that they would not be penalized if plane delays prevented them from getting to campus on time. Relax -- we look forward to seeing you and will be prepared to welcome you whenever you get here, the notice read. New students should know that their respective schools will make accommodations to provide them with the necessary academic orientation and will register them for classes whenever they arrive. Columbia reopened its campus on Monday, and like NYU, it emphasized that students would be accommodated whenever they managed to get to New York.


Princeton University was completely shut down on Monday, except for critical and essential staff, because of power outages and blocked roads. Rutgers University urged students on its New Brunswick/Piscataway campus to move in on Tuesday or Wednesday because many roads were likely to be impassable on Monday, but the Newark and Camden campuses were open and operating normally.


Yale University was open for normal operations on Monday, although there were some downed trees and power lines and officials warned employees and students to be careful while walking around campus. A handful of orientation events were postponed. Connecticut College in New London was more severely affected: orientation was postponed from Saturday, Aug. 27, to Thursday, Sept. 1, and move-in for returning students and the first day of classes were postponed four days as well.


Harvard University did the opposite of many schools, shifting move-in dates earlier so that students could get to campus before Irene hit, rather than postponing the dates. Accommodations will be made, however, for students who were not able to arrive early.