Hurricane Sandy, also known by its Halloween-friendly moniker "Frankenstorm," is expected to make its way to New York City and beyond Sunday night, having already devastated parts of the Caribbean.

The Category One storm has already led New York City officials to close down public transportation Sunday night and even consider evacuating parts of the city.

As the storm heads towards the northeast and New England, meteorologists and weather analysts have become increasingly concerned that Sandy could prove a "serious threat" for coastal states similar to the devastating “perfect storm” that struck in 1991.

The IBTimes will be updating its main page in addition to Facebook and Twitter as Sandy continues to move into the New York area. To follow Hurricane Sandy through social media channels or to live-stream the storm’s progress, check out a list of NYC and weather-specific  resources below.



  • @NHC_Atlantic -- The National Hurricane Center, providing updates and weather tips
  • @WSJweather -- The Wall Street Journal weather coverage, focusing on New York City
  • @breakingstorm -- From the breaking news team, gives constant national weather updates
  • @capitalweather -- The Washington Post, with a focus on DC weather
  • @weatherchannel -- National weather updates 
  • @RedCross -- Offers essential tips and information for natural disaster preparation
  • @ASPCA -- For those who need additional information about how to prepare pets
  • @NASA -- Showing satellite pictures from the storm
  • @fema -- The official Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • @twc_hurricane -- The Weather Channel’s hurricane coverage
  • @alroker -- Al Roker, the lead meteorologist of NBC's Today Show
  • @wunderground -- Following weather from around the world
  • @Gothamist -- A website focused on covering New York City including MTA information and safety alerts
  • @nprnews -- Curating updates from local stations covering the storm across regions influenced by the storm.


The Weather Channel 
National Hurricane Center
U.S. National Weather Service

Live-Streaming and Web Updates

Breaking Live Now -- Livestream Storm Cam following the progress of Hurricane Sandy  

National Weather Service -- National Hurricane Center

The New York Times City Room -- Live updates from New York City