Apple released a new 30-second TV ad for its iCloud platform, which wirelessly pushes information such as contacts, calendars, photos, and documents to every iOS device that a user owns. The commercial needs no voiceover narration or explanation; as Apple's CEO Tim Cook said of the service, It just works.

The ad depicts several scenarios on how iCloud can simplify your life. If you buy an album on an iPad via the iTunes Music Store, the entire album will instantaneously download to your iPhone and Mac computer. When you take pictures with your iPhone camera, Photo Stream in iCloud makes sure that all snapshots are automatically pushed to your iPad and Mac. When you buy apps or e-books, those software packages will automatically appear on all your devices. It requires no work on the user's end, but it makes a world of difference in creating a fluid, effortless experience for Apple users.

Best of all, the commercial shows how iCloud can enhance one's productivity. If you shift a meeting on one device, every other device automatically gets the memo and updates the Calendar. Same goes for Documents: If you make changes in Keynote, Pages or Numbers (the Apple equivalent of PowerPoint, Word and Excel, respectively), the changes automatically appear on all your devices and computers. In this way, users don't have to update each device every time they decide to tweak or adjust their work projects.

Apple's tagline for the service is: Automatic. Everywhere. iCloud.

iCloud was introduced on Oct. 12 as a part of iOS 5, Apple's newest and most advanced mobile operating system. The new platform was Apple's most comprehensive and complete system upgrade in its mobile products history, offering more than 200 new features for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch owners.

When Apple releases Mac OS 10.8 Mountain Lion this summer, iOS 5's iMessage app will become integrated with a new Mac app called Messages, which combines the interfaces of instant messaging on computers and text messaging on phones and mobile devices. Messages essentially lets users send free and unlimited text messages from your Mac to anyone on an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or another Mac, so users can continue their conversations on any Apple device.

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