Images of the first Nokia Windows Phone have allegedly leaked from a Hungarian tech blog.

The phone, codenamed Sea Ray, was previewed to employees by Nokia CEO Stephen Elop. According to the blog, Technet, Elop and crew asked employees to turn off their cameras because the phone was still being held under wraps.  The images of the phone and Technet's story have seemingly been substantiated by a video of Elop talking about the phone. (The video is below)

The Sea Ray phone looks nearly identical to the N9, which was just released by Nokia on the new Meego platform. That phone has a 3.9-inch touch screen with Gorilla, scratch resistant curved glass and thin frame. It does have a different positioning of the LED camera lens on the back, which suggests it is a different device.

Analysts dismissed the N9, which has been par for the course for Nokia. Ben Wood, analyst at CCS Insight, said the N9 comes too close to the expected release of the first Nokia Windows Phone to have any impact.

The strength of rival ecosystems leaves little room for MeeGo powered devices. It's difficult to see the N9 being anything more than a niche device ... the N9 will be a tough sell, Wood said.

Nokia recently set the date for its Nokia World conference, October 26-27 in London. Rumors have already begun to swirl that on this day Nokia will introduce its first Windows Phone. If the phone was introduced then, it would fall in line for the introduction of the first Windows Mango phone, which is the next generation of the operating system.

The Finnish based company has struggled in smartphones to say the least. Not only is it no longer the biggest smartphone operating system provider in the U.S., its losing share internationally as well according to recent Gartner numbers. The company's U.S. stock, which actually rose 3.59 percent today, is still at $6.06 per share. This is the lowest its been since early 1998.

The video and photo is courtesy of Technet

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