The Manchester United footballer who had an illicit affair with a former Miss Wales Imogen Thomas was revealed in the Commons yesterday. The footballer in the thick of controversy is none other than Manchester United player Ryan Giggs.

According to Thomas, the married footballer took her back to his hotel, called her the following day to check if she had arrived home safely, and subsequently pursued her with a stream of flirty texts.

The affair lasted for about seven months and eventually Ryan Giggs had already won a gagging order to stop details of their seven-month liaison becoming public.

Ryan Giggs is father of two kids and has a brand value of 24 million pounds in sponsorship.

MP John Hemming used parliamentary privilege to name the star, saying 75,000 people had already outed him on Twitter adding it would be 'impracticable' to imprison everyone on the website who had named him.

A week ago, Thomas had appeared outside the High Court in London after a private hearing with the footballer's lawyers, The Sun newspaper and her representatives.

Imogen Thomas is a former Miss Wales and is probably best known for being a Big Brother 7 housemate. Imogen lasted three months in the house which is the longest ever stay for a female housemate to date. Since then, Imogen has graced the cover of many magazines and newspapers.

On the court's injunction order, Thomas said I've read the judgment and am stunned by how I'm portrayed. Yet again, my name and my reputation are being trashed while the man I had a relationship with is able to hide.

What's more, where's the fairness in this? What about my reputation? If this is the way privacy injunctions are supposed to work, then there's something seriously wrong with the law.

Thomas, 28, from Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, has found herself a household figure in the UK after being embroiled in one of the highest profile legal wrangles in recent years, writes the BBC

Imogen has taken part in numerous TV programmes including BBLB, Big brothers Big Mouth, T4 Sundays, Richard and Judy, TMF- The Agency, and a cameo role in the E4 series Dead set, according to her website.

Welsh TV Programmes she has appeared in include- Uned 5, Wedi 3, Wedi 7, Jonathan Show and Bwrw Bar, 'Glyn and Imogen: A year on' documentary . She also had a cameo role in the famous welsh soap- Pobol y Cwm, the site says. .

In May 2010, Imogen appeared on the BBC Three programme Wags, kids and World Cup Dreams in which she went and left her pampered lifestyle behind to experience the reality of life behind the gloss of the World Cup by working in some of the poorest and most deprived neighbourhoods in South Africa.

Recently Imogen was voted The Sexiest Ever Big Brother Housemate, FHM Top 100 Sexiest Women in the World and also The Sexiest Girl in Wales. As well as modelling, Imogen is a keen TV presenter after shooting a successful pilot for MTV.