The untethered jailbreak for iOS 5, which the Apple users have been waiting for, is finally ready. But the question is - how long should people wait to run it on their Apple devices?

Pod2g, the Chronic Dev-team member who posted a video of the program on YouTube last Saturday, is still testing the program on different Apple gadgets to make sure the program runs smoothly in all the devices running on iOS 5 and its updated version iOS 5.0.1.

According to a post on his new blog, Pod2g has already tested the jailbreak on iPod 3G, iPhone 4, iPod 3 and iPod 1. The French hacker will go on testing the program on iPod 4G, iPad 1 and iPhone 3GS in the next few days. After working on these devices, he will turn to iPad 2 and recently released iPhone 4S.

As iPad 2 and iPhone 4S are running on Apple's latest processor A5, it is very hard for the hackers to find a jailbreak for iPad 2 and iPhone 4S as they could not find a bootrom-level exploit in A5 processor.

The bootrom-level exploit is a low level exploit which can only be patched by revising the hardware. No update in the operating system can patch the low level exploits.

After finding the untethered jailbreak last Saturday, Pod2g posted on his blog that he is going to work on iPad 2 and iPhone 4S after working on non-A5 devices. But the hacker may not release the present jailbreak until he finds one for A5 devices.

Next, I'll return to the research for iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. I don't know if I gonna release first for other devices or not. I've to think about it. Feel free to give your opinion. I'll update the blog when I have news, he posted.

Fans have different opinion about his decision. Some of them are not ready to wait for even a day and some are patient enough so that it won't give any opportunity to Apple to find solution to the upcoming jailbreak.

Release the jailbreak for all devices at once? No way man. There are some people who need untethered just right now. They can't wait for example when untethered for iPhone 4S will release...cause it needs a lot of work and time, a fan commented on Pod2g's blog post.

Release it all at the same time. Don't want Apple to patch it before 4S owners can get a chance to upgrade, another fan commented.

However, the majority wants the hacker to release the jailbreak as soon as possible so that they can enjoy the numerous exciting applications which Apple can't give them.

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