On the heels of Apple releasing the iOS 6.1.2 update fixing the Exchange Calendar bug, the team evad3rs also updated the evasi0n untethered jailbreak tool to support the new firmware on iPhone 5 and other compatible devices.

Everything was going absolutely fine until Apple released the second beta of the iOS 6.1.3 last week, which, according to David Wang (aka Planetbeing), one of the founders of evad3rs, would very likely kill evasi0n. Wang said that in the iOS 6.1.3 beta 2, Apple had patched at least one of the five key exploits used by the hackers to create evasi0n.

That said it’s quite clear that the release of the next iOS firmware update – the iOS 6.1.3 – is not too far away and therefore, it’s high time to save your SHSH blobs (Signature HaSH blobs) if you haven’t done it yet.

The popular SHSH blob-saving tool, TinyUmbrella, has also been updated to version 6.12.00, which now supports iOS 6.1.2. The fact that iOS 6.1.3 jailbreak won’t be possible using evasi0n essentially makes the updated TinyUmbrella extremely important for all jailbreak fans.

“TinyUmbrella has been updated to work with iOS 6.1.2 on relevant devices,” said developer NotCom in the official TinyUmbrella blog. “Make sure you don't update to 6.1.3 when it drops. I wasn't able to get 6.1.3 beta included (I just got too busy). But if you desire to keep your jailbreak, avoid 6.1.3 like the plague.”

If you are one of those users who updated their devices to iOS 6.1.2 to get rid of the Exchange Calendar bug, make sure that you keep a backup of the SHSH blobs using the new version of TinyUmbrella before Apple comes up with an updated iOS version.

Apple only allows the users to restore to the firmware versions they “sign”. This “signing” only lasts for a limited period of time. Once they stop “signing” the SHSH blobs for a firmware, there is no way to restore that firmware again.

For beginners, an SHSH blob is a signature file, used against the Apple server to downgrade a device to an earlier version of iOS. After Apple releases the iOS 6.1.3 update, if any user upgrades his device to the latest built, these saved SHSH blobs will help downgrade the firmware to iOS 6.1.2, which is supported by the evasi0n untethered jailbreak. Without these SHSH blobs, the users won't be able to downgrade to old ipsw to re-jailbreak the iOS device.

Below are the steps to follow in order to save iOS 6.1.2 SHSH blobs using TinyUmbrella v6.12.00. The process is same for both Mac and Windows users. The users are recommended to save the SHSH blobs for every device that is capable of running iOS 6.1.

Step 1: Download TinyUmbrella v6.12.00. [Download links: MacWindows]

Step 2: Save the downloaded file on your desktop and double click on the app icon to run it.

Step 3: Connect your device to a PC or Mac using USB.

Step 4: In the left-hand corner of the TinyUmbrella window, select your device under “Connected Devices.”

Step 5: Click on the “Advanced” tab and then uncheck the following:

- Save ALL Available SHSH

- Request SHSH From Cydia

Step 6: Now change the “Save SHSH Directory” to an SHSH folder on the desktop.

Step 7: Click on the “log” tab to preview the status of the entire process.

Step 8: Click on the “Save SHSH” button in the right-hand side of the window. TinyUmbrella will save the SHSH blobs for iOS 6.1.2 to the folder that was selected in Step 6.

Step 9: Open the SHSH folder on your desktop to verify that the blobs are perfectly saved.

You can refer to a video tutorial (courtesy of iDownloadBlog) of the entire process below.

UPDATE: iOS 6.1.3 Released: The Evasi0n Untethered Jailbreak Killer Brings Fix For Passcode Unlock Bug, Improvements To Maps In Japan [Download Links]