Apple may deviate from its pattern of giving a number to each new product and instead call its new tablet the iPad HD to draw attention to the expected high-resolution Retina Display, according to the latest rumors.

On March 1, Gizmodo reported that Apple could name the new iPad the iPad HD. Part listings allegedly obtained from case manufacturers Griffin and Belkin suggest the third-generation iPad may be named iPad HD. Though this is not confirmed, the idea cannot be dismissed because if the new iPad features Retina Display, we think iPad HD sounds way more reasonable (and cooler) than iPad 3.

Moreover, let's not forget that case and accessories manufacturers usually get the physical specifications for new product releases well in advance, so they can launch the accessories almost at the same time the product is launched. It is also possible that they may learn the name of the product close to its release date.

Meanwhile, speculations are rife that the new iPad will boast features like a better camera, Siri, 4G connectivity and quad-core processor. However, the undoubtedly, the hottest buzz is that the new tablet will come with Retina Display.


Last week, Apple sent out media invitations for an event to take place Wednesday in San Francisco. The invitation consists of an image of what is possibly the iPad and the words, We have something you really have to see. And touch. The words have to see may hint at the high-resolution Retina Display that will provide much sharper images.

As early as Feb. 17, the guys over at MacRumors said the Retina Display is certain to be among the specifications of Apple's new tablet.

What do you think? What will Apple name its new tablet?

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