The release date of iPad 3 or iPad HD is nearing, which means if you want to sell your iPad 2, the best time to do so is now.

Wondering where you can sell your old tablet for some quick cool cash? No problem, we’re going to help you out a little bit. If you’re a fan of the iPad, there is no reason for you to carry around an old dog when a new one is out. Simply trade it in for some cash, and get ready to stand in the line for the new iPad.

Here’s a rundown of the top 10 sites where you can sell your iPad 2 for some quick cash.

 Glyde: Glyde is a somewhat different service as you don’t automatically put your iPad up for sale. Instead, you’ll be selling it to users of the website in hopes that someone will want to buy your iPad. As of this writing, a 16GB iPad 2 will sell for $288 with a few scratches. Glyde will ship out a package for you to ship out your iPad 2 and will pay you by check for a $2.00 fee, or you can link your bank account to your Glyde account for an instant transfer in a couple of days. •Gazelle: Gazelle pays either through PayPal, Amazon Gift Card, or Check, giving sellers a good amount of options for their sale. At the time of writing this, an iPad 2 will get you $242 in flawless condition and you’ll also receive packaging to ship your iPad 2. •eBay: Probably the best place to go if you want to sell your iPad 2. Sell your iPad 2 on eBay and you could get over $300 by auction, or over $200 with the buy it now option. eBay is the most popular place online to sell your used products, and since this is an iPad 2, you are guaranteed a sale in no time. •Pawngo: This full-service online pawn shop launched last June and it’s super easy to use. Pawngo covers overnight shipping for your product and as soon as it receives the goods, and payment is dropped directly into your bank account. Unfortunately, the folks at Pawngo aren’t offering competitive rates for the iPad 2. •NextWorth: NextWorth is another trade-in site that deals in high-demand products. You simply search for your product, rate its overall condition from a checklist of 10 different categories and proceed to the checkout. You can choose from three different payment options including PayPal, an old-fashioned check in the mail or a Target gift card. •Amazon: Amazon offers high prices for the iPad 2. Unfortunately, the one big drawback here is that you won’t get cash for your trade-in. Rather, you’ll be given an Gift Card. •BestBuy: BestBuy presents one of the simpler services for swapping an Apple tablet. Simply select the model, choose its quality, and add it to the cart. The retailer warns that actual trade-ins will vary according to condition and completeness of peripheral accessories. A “good” iPad 1 (16GB and Wi-Fi) divvies up $191. However, the price for an iPad 2 (64GB with Wi-Fi and Verizon 3G) is interestingly lower at $179. •GameStop: GameStop is a bit more annoying, because a physical store is necessary to swap an iPad. A store associate will inspect the slate and then offer cash or store credit for an exchange. On the bright side, the hassle of shipping an Apple tablet is no more with GameStop’s trade-in program. Indexed “up to trade-in” prices start at $160 for an iPad 1 (16GB and Wi-Fi), and they escalate to $340 for an iPad 2 (64GB with Wi-Fi and Verizon 3G). •RadioShack: RadioShack has an in-store and online option for exchanging an iPad. In fine print on the bottom of the website, the retailer notifies consumers that trade-ins are subject to applicable processing fees and need included chargers, cables or other accessories. The iPad 1 (16GB and Wi-Fi) is valued at $205, while an iPad 2 (64GB with Wi-Fi and AT&T 3G) gets $410. There’s probably a RadioShack a few blocks from your house as well. •CraigList: Not the best place to go if you want to sell your iPad 2, hence why it is at the bottom of this list. However, if you are running short on options, give CraigList a shot. Who knows, you might get lucky in more ways than one.

(Reported by Vamien McKalin, Edited by Surojit Chatterjee)

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