The countdown begins for the Apple event scheduled on Wednesday when the Cupertino tech giant will unveil its third generation iPad. But the rumor mills surrounding the highly anticipated device are still going strong.

A new report has claimed that leaked debug photos, allegedly from Apple's next generation iPad, showed that the device will have 1GB of RAM, double the amount of RAM its predecessor had. Apart from that, the specific number has been offered by well-known hacker and iPhone jailbreaker Chronic.

The leaked debug photos allegedly of Apple's upcoming iPad model were first reported by Boy Genius Report (BGR) in February.

The revelation came at a time when various reports have suggested that Apple will increase the RAM in the next iPad.

From the data in the photos, which contain the output from an iPad 3 using a development and debug tool called iBoot, we can infer plenty of information about the upcoming iPad 3, the BGR report said.

Now, jailbreaker Chronic has managed to figure out something more interesting in those photos, which he mentioned on Twitter and thought was worth noting on his blog as well.

According to him, the last line of code in the photos read vm_page_bootstrap: 244276 free pages and 8396 wired pages.

Chronic later did some math with the numbers:

244,276 (pages) x 4,000 bytes (size of a page) = 977,104,000 bytes = 977MB

However, another well-known jailbreaker chpwn (Grant Paul) made a correction to it pointing that the size of a page above may be inaccurate.

With the correction offered by chpwn, Chronic multiplied the number of free pages by the corrected size of a page (4,096 bytes) once again and figured out that the next iPad will have 1GB of RAM.

Here's what Chronic wrote:

CORRECTION: chpwn pointed out to me that my size of a page above may be inaccurate, so here it is again, fixed:

244,276 (pages) x 4,096 bytes (size of a page) = 1,000,554,496 bytes = 1GB (rounded)

In comparison, the current iPad 2, released in March last year, featured 512MB of RAM, the same amount as in the iPhone 4.

More RAM, Two Versions for Both Verizon and AT&T

Rumors are rife that Apple's next-generation iPad will carry more RAM than its predecessor.

On Tuesday, The Verge reported, citing sources, that along with the A5X, the device will have more RAM than its predecessor, and come in a variety of LTE flavors.

The report added that the device will definitely be announced for both the Verizon and AT&T networks on Wednesday, meaning that there would be two distinct, separate versions of the LTE tablet (one for each network).

In addition, there's a third international model which does double duty on 3G; a CDMA / GSM model using a similar radio chipset to the iPhone 4S (a Qualcomm Gobi chip), said the report.

Other key features of the so-called iPad 3 will likely include a 2048 x 1536 Retina Display, a faster processor and Siri.

However, there has been some disparity on whether the new processor would be a quad-core A6 chip or an A5X dual-core chip.

According to The Verge, sources familiar with the matter said that Apple will update both the Apple TV and the next iPad with the A5X, a dual-core SoC with a more powerful GPU. The rumored quad-core A6 system-on-a-chip is not on the cards as of now.

iPad HD?

Recent rumors also claimed that the new iPad would be called the iPad HD, in a reference to its new high-resolution Retina Display.

According to a CNET report, citing a developer who previously provided reliable information on upcoming Apple products, the next iPad won't take on the iPad 3 moniker. Instead, it would be called iPad HD to emphasize a high resolution Retina Display.

Last week, Gizmodo also published a purportedly leaked list from Griffin and Belkin that detailed iPad HD products.

The Apple event on March 7 is scheduled to be held at 10 a.m. Pacific Time (1 p.m. ET) at the Yerba Buena Center for Arts in San Francisco, where we'll see something we really need to see. And touch.

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