iPad 3 Release: Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Dump Your iPad 2 (Photos)

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  • Retina Display
    Speculations are swirling about the Retina Display, a feature that can make iPad 3 a best seller. Before the iPad 2 was supposed to launch, people had assumed that it will possess the Retina Display feature (as iPhone 4 did) but Apple dashed their hopes. This time, however, there are several evidence that suggest that iPad 3 will debut with Retina Display. Firstly, the image that is shown in Apple’s media invite offers a clue that the third-generation tablet will boast of a high-resolution display that will enhance the clarity of the visuals. Recently, ArsTechnica reported that Apple could launch iPad 3 with Retina Display, thereby making the new tablet a strong competitor to the existing lineup of Android tablets. If iPad 3 indeed debuts with Retina Display, the new tablet will offer sharper, clearer viewing experience and users will find it a pleasure to watch videos, browse the Web or play games. Let’s accept it – though iPad 2 is a great device, yet its greatness has been vastly diminished by the 1024x768 pixels resolution display, which is good for viewing basic images and videos but becomes fuzzy when handling 3D architectural renderings or true HD quality videos. Hence, when iPad 3 debuts with Retina Display, it will surely make iPad 2 users ditch their old tablets. Reuters
  • iPad camera
    For those who like to take pictures using their tablets, iPad 2 is not the best of options. The current Apple tablet featured 0.7-megapixels rear-facing camera and a VGA front-facing camera. It is high time for Apple to release the iPad with improved camera system. iPad 3 is expected to feature 5- or 8-megapixels camera with full HD 1080p video capture capability. Add LED flash and a front-facing camera capable of HD FaceTime and Apple’s got a sure winner here. Reuters
  • Siri 2
    The Siri technology, an exclusive feature of iPhone 4S, has been Apple’s best innovation to date, despite the personal voice activated assistant being in its beta version. Hence, Apple fans are now eagerly waiting for an advanced Siri to show up in the third-generation tablet. Siri is also more useful on the iPad than the iPhone, as many corporate executives and students now own the tablet. It can help executives make presentations just as easily as it can help students research for their homework or prepare for an exam. Reuters
  • iOS 6
    It sounds boring to use the same old iOS 5 in the latest iPad 3. Hence, one can expect an upgraded version of iOS 5 to feature in iPad 3. However, ArsTechnica has even suggested that iPad 3 could possibly run on iOS 6. It has been discovered that the employees at Apple are using iPad models powered by iOS 6. Even if iPad 3 does not debut with iOS 6 (it is highly probable that the new tablet will debut with iOS 5.1), it will be the first device to be upgraded to iOS 6, when the new OS launches. And, as iOS 6 is expected to go beyond just a few tweaks, it certainly will make iPad 2 users go green with envy. Reuters
  • Will iPad 3 feature better graphics?
    iPad 2 debuted with a faster processor but left many Apple fans disappointed as it did not come with improved graphics. Hence, Apple is expected to provide better graphics to its iPad 3. Better graphics means iPad 3 will be able to handle demanding games better than iPad 2. Moreover, full HD videos will also play smoothly on the new tablet. Reuters
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Apple has dominated the tablet market ever since it launched the iPad and the impending debut of the next generation tablet, dubbed iPad 3, is expected to strengthen Apple's position as No.1 tablet maker further. The reason is because iPad 3 is expected to feature significant hardware and software advancements over its predecessor iPad 2.

And, in case, you're still confused whether you should hold onto your iPad 2 or dump it in favor of the new tablet, you'll be better off knowing that the iPad 3 is expected to improve upon its predecessor, the iPad 2, in almost every way.

Here's a rundown of exciting features guaranteed in iPad 3, that would surely make you dump your old tablet in favor of the new one.

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