The Chinese government has allowed the iPhone 4S to be sold in mainland China and could be in stores by mid-December in time to bring in big bucks for the Christmas holiday.

According to Batangas Today, China Unicom will be selling the iPhone 4S. China Unicom is reportedly the the nation's second-biggest telecom carrier.

I am sure the device will hit the Chinese market before the Spring Festival. We are trying to release it before Jan 1. Yu Yingtao, general manager of China Unicom's sales and marketing department, reportedly told China Daily.

An official date for the release of the iPhone 4S in China hasn't been made. However, it has been reported that Apple's new smartphone may be available in more than 1,000 stores in Taiwan.

The Hispanic Business Times have also reported that the sale will start on Dec. 16.

The pricing of the phone in that market is still not yet known.