Ever since Apple failed to launch iPhone 5 in June (deviating from its traditional summer release), the Internet has turned cacophonous with the expected release date and specifications of the superphone.

While all the rumors about iPhone 5 are doing the rounds, Apple remains tight-lipped. Then, how does the 'information' about iPhone 5 keep popping up?

Sprint's CEO has some details about the phone. The company is currently working on the hardware which will accommodate the next generation iPhone with unlimited data plan. Sprint knows how iPhone 5 worked and is trying to lure the customers away from AT&T and Verizon. Rumors from Sprint, Best Buy and Telecom CEO suggest a mid-October release.

Apple is enjoying the best free-advertising, as there is not a single day when the tech experts and websites don't mention iPhone 5 and it surges to the top of the Web's most popular list as the latest rumors treat all of the company's work.

The top most of all these attention grabbers was the loss of iPhone prototype at a bar in San Francisco, which was tracked by the SF police along with Apple employees. It has not confirmed yet whether it was an iPhone 5 or Apple was trying to retrieve some kind of an arbitrary test unit.

Apple's marketing strategy has also taken a twist as the company has improved on new features found in iOS 5 which already exists in Android. Apple has tried to keep pace with the fast-moving market by copying certain features like Notification Center, Wireless Sync, Reminders, Background Updates, OTA Updates, Twitter Integration, Cloud Sync and iMessage from its competitors.

Apple's iOS 5 has gone through its seventh round of beta testing and the eighth beta testing is coming next. With Apple's iCloud coming next, the company is working to merge multiple Apple IDs. According to a MacRumors report, the users testing iOS 5 and iCloud have found juggling multiple IDs to be a major issue. The iCloud is the latest branding of its iCloud computing services and Apple is taking its time to complete iCloud development.

If Apple releases iPhone 5 during Christmas, it will boost the sales of the new model. Apple has reportedly increased the iPhone order volumes by about 12-13 percent for the second half of 2011.

The company has got orders for over 56 million iPhones. Around 25.5 - 26 million of these orders are possibly for iPhone 5.