The new iPad's smoke has finally cleared and the Apple fan crowd has now gathered around the iPhone 5 rumor mill. And they haven't been left disappointed. Though the actual release of Apple's sixth generation smartphone could be several months away, the rumor mill is churning in earnest and the latest buzz comes from RepairLabs, which reported that Texas Instrumentals have begun production of iPhone 5's power management chip.

Texas Instruments is already a supplier for Apple, manufacturing components like touchscreen controller and power management chips found in the new iPad and iPhone 4S. RepairLabs claim that at Texas Instruments, the new iPhone is called iPhone 5. If that's true, we can put to rest worries about another unnamed iOS device (the new iPhone).

Recent reports from China suggests September release date for iPhone 5. The screen is rumored to be bigger than the current 3.5-inch size, but the so-called internal sources are not sure whether it will be as big as 4.6-inch.

RepairLabs calls it sources as extremely reliable. But, if Apple really increases the screen size then resolution improvement gets virtually confirmed too. With 4.6-inch screen, the upcoming iPhone can feature 720p Retina display. This dramatic change could bother iOS app developers as creating apps for iPhone 5 will get complicated.

Rumors are also high about 5-inch display in the upcoming iPhone. But it seems out of Apple's tone.

In order to save some space in the device and make it slimmer, rumors are buzzing that Apple may replace its 30-pin connector with a more compact alternative in iPhone 5 like microUSB v3.0 or micro-dock.

Qualcomm has the highest priority in Apple's list of 4G LTE radio chip manufacturers for its next generation phone.

Near Field Communication (NFC) is also virtually confirmed as Apple has won patent for its iWallet app than can outgun rival apps like Google Wallet. FaceTime - the video chatting app is also expected to be deployed over 4G network in iPhone 5. Currently in the new iPad, the app runs only over Wi-Fi network. U.S. network providers are updating their network prior to the release of new iPhone.

(reported by Johnny Wills, edited by Surojit Chatterjee)

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