Islamic State group militants have published a cartoon video depicting the beheading of U.S. President Barack Obama, who is called "the mule of the Jews." In the video, Obama is shown being killed by Jihadi John, the masked man with a British accent who has beheaded several hostages held by the Islamic State in videos circulated widely online.

The propaganda video from the group also known as ISIS and ISIL shows a cartoon Jihadi John tell Obama, "shut up, mule" and thanks Allah for allowing for Obama's capture. Obama then begs: "mommy, daddy, Jihadi John is going to slaughter me. Save me! Save me!" Obama can be heard sobbing. The screen fades to black. When the images return, the cartoon Obama is shown in a pool of blood, his head separated from his body. He wears a gray suit and a blue tie.

The Obama cartoon entitled "A Message to America" was posted and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute. The cartoon can be watched here.

Obama asked Congress in February to formally authorize the use of military force against ISIS. "Now, make no mistake, this is a difficult mission and it will remain difficult for some time," he said at the time, adding, "Our coalition is on the offensive, ISIL is on the defensive and ISIL is going to lose."

Last year, Obama began airstrikes against ISIS territory in Iraq and Syria, calling the campaign a necessary counter-terrorism measure to prevent the group from becoming a domestic threat to the United States.

Jihadi John has been identified as Mohammed Emwazi, a British university student who traveled to Syria around 2012 and later joined the Islamic State, according to the Washington Post. He was first seen last year in a video that showed the beheading of American journalist James Foley.