Glee's third season left Gleeks in a sea of confusion (and probably a pile of tear-soaked tissues). Finchel was split in two, Kurt's NYADA dreams were dashed, and the only couple left on completely solid ground was Will and Emma. The season four premiere is still almost two months away (Sept. 13, mark your calendars), but we already know a little more about the state we'll find the New Directions and their alumni in.

Jacob Artist and Dean Geyer have officially been added to the Glee cast list, with Geyer as Brody Weston becoming part of Rachel's world (and love life) in NYC and Artist joining the crew in the choir room as Puck's little half-brother Jake. These barely-there character sketches are enough to provide fans with hours of questions and predictions about season four's potential story lines. Sibling rivalry between the Puckermans that culminates in an aggressively powerful duet? The end of Rachel and Finn?

The new Glee guys claim to be in the dark about exactly what their characters will bring to the show, but both provided The Hollywood Reporter with a rundown of what makes their alter-egos tick.

Artist explained that Jake is a bad boy with a bit of an attitude, not unlike his older brother. Geyer pointed out that Brody could act as a role model to Rachel instead of a crush,  saying of his character, He's a couple years older and has done Broadway before and that's something she really looks up to and is aspiring to.

So Glee is getting a rebel and a mentor. Season four has some definite potential.