Legendary WWE wrestler Jake “The Snake” Roberts is currently hospitalized in Las Vegas, according to multiple media accounts. The 59-year-old grappler reportedly fell ill during a flight from Atlanta to Las Vegas Wednesday night.

Roberts passed out on the plane and was rushed to a hospital as soon as the flight landed, Wrestling Inc reported. Doctors diagnosed “The Snake” with a case of double pneumonia, as well as with a mass in his brain, the site said.

Hospital officials later confirmed Roberts’ admittance to USA Today. He reportedly spent nearly 24 hours in a coma, but had regained consciousness by Thursday night. He remains in intensive care.

Still, Roberts’ health status remains in flux, as Diamond Dallas Page, Roberts’ close friend and sponsor, indicated on Twitter:

Two weeks ago, doctors diagnosed Roberts with the flu and told him to rest until he had recovered, wrestler Sinn Bodhi told TMZ. Roberts reportedly planned to attend Bodhi’s wrestling show in Las Vegas Friday.

Throughout the ordeal, Bodhi has remained at Roberts’ bedside and provided fans with updates regarding his condition on Twitter. “Right now, we’re all just staying positive,” Bodhi told TMZ.

A 2014 inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame, Roberts was one of the organization’s biggest stars in the 1980s. He pioneered the use of the so-called DDT maneuver and famously used live snakes in his promos.

Roberts’ struggled with drug and alcohol abuse for years until Page stepped in to help him get sober. In April, Page told TMZ that Roberts’ cancer had gone into remission.