The brainchild of Irish engineer John Power, online retail store Jaktogo offers travelers airport-ready luggage that transforms from a tote bag to a jacket and back again.

Brilliant idea or ridiculous invention? You be the judge.

According to, Only fools pay for extra luggage, clever people have Jaktogo!

Power flies for business about once and week and the hassles and fees he's encountered along the way gave him the idea for constructing wearable luggage.

Power is well aware that his jacket wouldn't fly down the runways at fashion week in New York or Paris. It's meant for a different kind of runway.

He seems to understand the power of humor in promoting his product.

[It's] not a fashion plate, he told Tampa's 10 News earlier this week.

Jaktogo's Facebook page makes the point even more clear:

Jaktogo was created out of necessity and is definitely not a fashion item.

However, Power notes that the 14 pockets make the apparatus a life-saver at the airport.

I've seen so many people getting upset, Power told 10 News. 'Too much pounds.' 'Too heavy.' 'Couldn't afford to pay it.' And hence, Jaktogo came to life.

According to Power, you're only meant to wear the overstuffed jacket/bag for a few minutes when you're boarding the plane. At other times -- specifically when you're going through security -- it should be in bag form.

A homemade video from (below) explains how to load the jacket up and wear it through the airport. You may be amused to find that, for a promotional video, Power does encounter some trouble at the airport. The situation is resolved when he shows the lady at the counter that he is, in fact, wearing a coat.

Yes, but you need wear it, the airline workers says.

Jaktogo's stylings range from a puffy trash-bag-like dress for women to the original trench coat style for men. In addition to Jaktogo, Power added Dresstogo and Ponchotogo to the collection in October. Any order can be custom designed to fit your needs.

The tote-cum-coat is water and wind resistant and can be made in leather and denim.

Powers told BBC Radio that the Jaktogo can save approximately $100 on a return flight on low-cost airlines like Ryanair. He added that it can hold up to 30 pounds, but you probably wouldn't want to wear it for more than five minutes.

Scroll through the photos above. Would you wear Jaktogo to save some dough? Share your thoughts in the comments below.