Yet another damaging clip has leaked featuring Donald Trump making lewd comments about women. On Friday news broke that during an interview with Howard Stern the Republican presidential hopeful discussed nude photos of actress Lindsay Lohan, suggesting that she’d be “great in bed.”

Not long after the footage began making its rounds online, Jamie Lee Curtis — who starred alongside Lohan, 30, in 2003’s “Freaky Friday” — fired back. In a post on Twitter she questioned Trump’s decision to say such an appalling thing about Lohan, who she said “needed help.” She then tweeted another excerpt from the interview in which Trump urges Stern to “take a look” at photos of her and share his opinion. Curtis pointed out that these sexually suggestive comments surfaced just days after Trump, 70, denied ever sexually assaulting women.

The footage in question, brought to light by CNN, was recorded during an interview with Trump on the “Howard Stern Show.” In it, Stern predicts that Trump will, in time, leave wife Melania Trump for Lohan. The two men then begin discussing whether she is “hot,” at which time the real estate mogul reveals that he’s seen a “close up of her chest,” pointing out that she’s got a lot of freckles. Stern suggests that being sexually involved with a “troubled teen” would be great, which Trump agrees with.

“She’s probably deeply troubled and therefore great in bed. How come the deeply troubled women — you know, deeply, deeply troubled — they’re always the best in bed?” Trump asks in the 2004 interview.

The recording was taken one year prior to another, which recently surfaced starring he and “Today” host Billy Bush. That video/audio was taken aboard the “Access Hollywood” bus while they waited to be escorted around the “Days of Our Lives” set by Arianne Zucker. During their discussion, Trump recalls attempting to make a move on a married woman only to be rejected. The conversation then moves to Zucker, who Bush, 44, called “hot as s---.” Trump then suggests that he should get some Tic Tacs in the event that he decides to kiss Zucker, noting that he regularly kisses women without waiting for permission. He adds that many woman are wowed by his star power and allow him to do whatever he wants with them — including “grab them by the p----.” Bush has been suspended from his morning show hosting duties as a result of his participation in the conversation.