Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who has seen his campaign come under fire after several women publicly accused the nominee of sexually assaulting them this week, reportedly called Khloe Kardashian a “piglet” during a 2009 taping of “Celebrity Apprentice,” according to the Huffington Post.

Trump’s remarks, according to several people who worked on the show and spoke to the Post, were delivered off camera. Trump, those sources indicated, was upset with Kardashian’s weight and didn’t want to have her on the show anymore.

“He basically wanted to just get rid of her,” an editor for the show told the Post. “He called her a ‘piglet.’”

“What is this? We can’t even get the hot one?” Trump reportedly said, referencing Kardashian’s sister Kim.

Trump’s apparent disdain for Kardashian led him to lobby for firing her from the show.

“He said: ‘Why don’t we fire Khloe? She is a fat piglet. Why did we get the ugly Kardashian?'” a second source said Trump said.

Ultimately, that appears to be what happened, a third source said. “When they fired [her], it wasn’t on merit,” the editor said. “It was on him not liking her.”

Trump has been at the bad end of a lot of negative press and dropping polls since a video from 2005 showing him boasting about groping women was published by the Washington Post Friday. Since then, at least four women have come forward and accused the billionaire of sexually assaulting them in some way or another.

The Trump campaign has denied the allegations and has tried to brush off the video saying that it was merely “locker room talk.” Trump has also gone after the news media itself, threatening to sue the New York Times — one of the outlets to publish accounts from women accusing Trump of assault — and saying that the accusations are “vicious” and “absolutely false.”