Chef Jamie Oliver is back with his show Food Revolution. This time, the celebrity chef is taking his mission to Los Angeles.

Last year, the British chef visited the most obese town in America and struggled to work with the school system to change what children are being fed in cafeterias.

Once in Los Angeles, Oliver was immediately faced with an obstacle as the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) refused to let the ABC television show film in any of their schools.

They will not let me into any school, Oliver said in the beginning of the episode. That means war.

Oliver found ways to work around the system, despite the process wearing him down.

I'm used to accomplishing things, he told Access Hollywood. In my country, I get a lot of things done in a day. Working in L.A., many days felt like I was stuck in the mud and not accomplishing anything. It's completely exhausting.

Oliver said he hopes that now that LAUSD has a new superintendent, the school will be more willing to allow filming.

We're hoping to meet and have a productive conversation. We've had an ongoing dialogue throughout the filming off-camera, Oliver said.