Michael Cordero’s (Brett Dier) tragic shooting in the “Jane the Virgin” Season 2 finale is the biggest cliffhanger the show has ever made. Unfortunately for fans, they won’t immediately know what happens to Michael as soon as Season 3 opens.

Showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman told Yahoo! TV that patience is key while watching the premiere episode, since Michael’s fate will only be revealed as it nears its end. “People will know at the end if he lives or dies, but it’s a pretty harrowing journey,” Urman teased.

She added that they have planned Michael’s shooting right from the very start, so it wasn’t something they came up with on a whim.

“We knew it was going to happen. We knew it was going to be pretty devastating after this incredibly joyful wedding,” she said. “We really planned and thought through what it will do to the show, to the narrative, to the characters, and how it will propel us forward in the long-term arc.”

Due to Michael’s condition, Snyder said Jane and her family and friends will all be forced to grow up this season. “This year’s theme is about growing up in a real, deeper way,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “All of our characters are taking major steps forward.”

Meanwhile, the cast all have differing opinions regarding the premiere episode of Season 3. During an interview with The CW Network, Ivonne Col, who plays Jane’s grandmother Alba, that fans will have a lot to look forward to regarding the first episode. “That episode is going to be so shocking. It's like a roller coaster, that first episode,” said Col.

As for Justin Baldoni, who plays Michael’s rival Rafael Solano, he said that he did not like the direction the show is currently headed towards. “When I read that [script], I got a little sick to my stomach. I was like, ‘That is wrong!’” said Baldoni.

Dier, on the other hand, provided a simple statement: “It's a really good first episode back.”