UPDATE 3:12 p.m. EDT: Fogle has broken his silence. The Subway spokesman is not dead:

Original story:

Rumors spread on Monday that Subway sandwiches spokesman Jared Fogle is dead. (He's not.)

The 36-year-old Fogle became the chain's spokesman after losing more than 200 pounds on the "Subway sandwich diet." He has been the subject of numerous death hoaxes in the past, and the rumor took off again on Monday. #RIPSubwayJared was a top trending story on Twitter. Subway and Fogle haven’t yet commented on their Twitter accounts about the latest hoax.

Rumors of “Subway Jared” dying go as far back as 2008, with other hoaxes appearing in 2011. Other fake stories about Fogle’s death appeared last month.

Twitter users appeared not to be concerned about the Fogle death rumors. Some tweeted with snark about the trending topic: