"American Pie's" Jason Biggs and his wife Jenny Mollen have stepped into some hot, boiling water after they made jokes about child rape and issued misogynistic tweets, All Voices reported.

The tweets referring to child rape and incest have since been deleted from Biggs' and his wife's account. 

Biggs' Twitter account is currently being promoted by kid's channel Nickelodeon, and Biggs has recently tweeted posts that Nickelodeon most likely wouldn't be proud of -- especially since Nickelodeon directs children to Biggs' Twitter account, according to John Nolte at BigHollywood.

As of late it's filled with inappropriate pictures of dildos, and mysoginistic references.

Check out New Busters to view the vulgar, highly NSFW, tweets posted by Biggs and his wife.

Nickelodeon has yet to take action against the star.

Breitbart.com editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro wanted to point out the hypocrisy noting Nickelodeon supports anti-bullying efforts, and just launched a new anti-cyber bullying campaigned specifically.

Shapiro stated that Nickelodeon has said about cyber bullying:

"Bullying doesn't have to happen in person. Sometimes bullies will say hurtful things on the Internet. It's important to also learn about cyberbullying!"

Nickelodeon encourages people to "Stand up for someone that you see being bullied and tell an adult about the problem," according to Shapiro.

He urged readers to write to Nickelodeon's West Coast vice president and ask the following three questions:

"Do you believe Mr. Biggs' cyber-bullying of conservative women compromises your company's anti-bullying efforts?"

"Do you believe Jason Biggs' misogynist tweets about conservative women will alienate families who watch your programming?"

"If Jason Biggs had tweeted about Michelle Obama's a**s, would he be able to keep his job with you?"

Jason Biggs has been receiving a backlash on his personal Twitter account and retweeted some of the post that he deemed the most "worthy."

"How does it feel to be the definition of what America's sons and daughters join the military to fight against??" @GIBoxer5 asked the star.