Jay-Z, full named Sean Carter, kicked off the music component of the SXSW Interactive festival on Monday night at Austin City Limits in Texas, performing a full set of his most popular hits. The concert was sponsored by American Express, which set up a YouTube live stream of the show for Jeezy's fans around the world.

Fans around the world were able to toggle between different camera views online, and could request songs during the performance via Twitter by using the hashtag #jayzsyncshow and #songtitle. The most requested songs were performed on Monday night and included classic hits like Big Pimpin, as well as singles from Watch the Throne, Jay's collaboration with friend and peer Kanye West, and the rapper's latest hit, Glory, a tribute to his newborn daughter with wife Beyoncé that includes a sample of the baby crying just after being born.

Alhough Jay-Z was in prime form throughout the night, interacting with the audience and displaying a healthy amount of swagger onstage, he truly shined while performing Glory. Unlike his other songs, in which the rapper encouraged a call-and-response atmosphere, he recited each lyric from Glory passionately with poise and focus.

Calling out to the audience in between songs, Jeezy called out: All the parents in the house make some noise!

Hip Hop fans in Austin stood in line in the line from as early as 2 a.m. in order to secure their free tickets, given out on a first come, first serve basis. Following last night's performance, Jay-Z will be in Europe for the next few months as he tours with Kanye West to promote Watch the Throne.

Other celebrities appearing at SXSW this week include Bruce Springsteen, Jack Black, Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey. SXSW celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. The interactive festival featuring music, technology and pop culture has been a huge draw for years and is still growing in popularity.

Watch Jay Z's full performance here.