A fan-run Facebook page claiming to have the first photos of Jennifer Aniston's wedding dress fooled thousands of fans on Sunday. The "Cake" actress and her longtime love interest, actor Justin Theroux, tied the knot in a super-secret ceremony Aug. 5 at their home in the Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles. Since then, Aniston's fans have been desperately trying to gather information about the big day and, of course, what she wore. 

According to Us Weekly, the Facebook fan page shared a photo showing the back of a tall, slender woman wearing a white wedding gown. The dress was covered in lace detailing on the bodice as well as the outer parts of its long train. With no other photos to go by, fans were quick to believe it was authentic. It has since been proved otherwise. The publication claims the picture is a part of an ad campaign and, while the woman shown shares some physical similarities to Aniston, 46, it is not her. 

A few of the A-listers who were invited to Aniston and Theroux's, 44, surprise wedding, have shared details about the affair. As previously reported, Howard Stern revealed to radio listeners how he and other guests found out about the wedding. The Associated Press reported that, during an episode of his show, Stern, 61, said he learned about the wedding because he was asked to give a speech. Otherwise any and all invitations and correspondence claimed guests would be attending a birthday party at the couple's home. Stern confirmed that late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel officiated at the wedding, adding that he did a "beautiful job."

Stern and Kimmel, 47, weren't the only big names in attendance. The wedding is said to have had approximately 70 guests. Among them were comedian and host Chelsea Handler, photographer Terry Richardson, singer Sia and actors Billy Crudup and Jason Bateman.