Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are officially married, and as details surface about their super-secret nuptials, one of their friends is sharing his thoughts on the couple’s partnership. The power couple's Aug. 5 wedding was kept very hush-hush until the actual day of the event. In fact, the guest list was kept so tight that even two of Aniston’s co-stars from her hit NBC series “Friends” weren’t in attendance. However, the groom’s friend and “Wanderlust” co-star Ken Marino revealed that he was at their wedding. 

At the premiere for the film “No Escape” Monday, the “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp” actor not only told People that he attended the wedding ceremony, he also shared thoughts on the couple’s decision to make their relationship permanent. 

"What makes them work as a couple is that Jen is one of the kindest, most caring, loving people in the world. And Justin is her equal," he said. "They are both beautiful, beautiful people deep down to the core. Inside as well as outside. I care very much for them. I feel very lucky to know them and be their friend." 

The outlet notes that Marino later joked about not being invited on the couple’s honeymoon; they reportedly asked a handful of close friends to jet off with them to Bora-Bora. While the “Friends” star left some of her former cast members out of the wedding, it was previously reported that she asked Courteney Cox to not only attend the ceremony, but join her and her “Leftovers” star husband for the trip. 



According to E! Online, the couple returned from the honeymoon this week, and it nabbed a photo of Theroux returning to Los Angeles with a wedding ring on his hand.

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