Jenny McCarthy and Tim Tebow took the first step towards everlasting love by exchanging phone numbers at a radio event last week in Indianapolis, where McCarthy did a live interview with Rosie O'Donnell for SiriusXM Satellite Radio ahead of Sunday's Super Bowl.

According to In Touch magazine, McCarthy told O'Donnell that she was newly single and had a crush on Tim Tebow. Rosie knew that Tebow was in the same building to do an interview with another radio station, and dragged McCarthy over to him for an introduction.

Rosie jumped up and took Jenny by the arm and walked her over to Tim. She said to him, 'Hi, I'm Rosie O'Donnell and this is Jenny McCarthy and she's single. I think you two would be perfect together. Now exchange telephone numbers.' Rosie then walked away, a witness reportedly told In Touch.

The witness said that McCarthy and Tebow did in fact exchange numbers, and chatted briefly until Tebow's handlers took him away. Upon reuniting with O'Donnell, Jenny reportedly said, We'll see what happens now Ro!

The In Touch report is corroborated by photographic evidence of Tebow and McCarthy shaking hands, which you can see on the NBC Sports Off the Bench website.

Don't they look happy together?

McCarthy, 39, dated Jim Carrey for five years and ended a relationship with sports agent Paul Krepelka late last year. The author and former Playboy Playmate is a vocal advocate for autism awareness and has spoken out against childhood vaccinations.

A 2010 profile in Time magazine -- which describes Jenny as corn-fed cute -- examined the possibility that McCarthy's son Evan, who inspired her to become a spokesperson on behalf of autistic children and their families, may not have been autistic at all but suffering from another disorder.

Even with doubts about his diagnosis, McCarthy says she will continue her work.

I knew I was going to be the voice of the families when this happened, she said. Because I had the platform. In my head, something said, 'You can get booked on talk shows.' If there was a purpose from God, he just picked someone who can get booked on talk shows.

See! Jenny believes in God. Who cares about a 15 year age difference when you have the Lord on your side?