Snooki swinging a bat at The Situation, The Situation threatening to reveal yet another secret to her boyfriend, and a cast member packing up and moving out of the beach house -- these are but a few of the storylines teased in MTV's new Jersey Shore season five trailer.

Season five, which premieres on January 5, finds the gang heading back to Seaside Heights, after a rather boring fourth season in Italy.

The Snooki/Situation beef that began in Italy -- when he claimed the two had hooked up in between seasons -- follows them back to the beach.

How intense do things get? She chases him with a bat, they throw things at each other, and he warns, This is Hurricane Situation, and it's headed straight for Snooki Island.

Does the trailer also include Snooki looking in the mirror and proclaiming, I look like a Jersey skank, and I love it?