A New York Jets fan knocked a Buffalo Bills fan unconscious at MetLife Stadium during the teams’ game on Sunday -- and the entire encounter was captured on video. The Bills fan fell over a row of bleachers and lay motionless for several moments, while the Jets fan fled before security could arrive at the scene.

“The Bills fan had been shooting his mouth off before the fight and the Jets fan took exception,” a witness told TMZ Sports. Buffalo easily defeated New York by a score of 43-23 to improve to 5-3, while the Jets’ record now stands at 1-7.

The Jets fan who threw the knockout punch was arrested Sunday and charged with assault, New Jersey State Police told TMZ Sports. Officials reportedly have “very good footage” of the assault and added that “anyone would be a fool to commit a crime inside MetLife Stadium.

MetLife Stadium possesses a “beyond state-of-the-art surveillance system” that “[records] every detail” that occurs inside the building, according to a recent report by CBS New York and the Associated Press. Installed before MetLife Stadium played host to the Super Bowl last February, the system cost nearly $1 million.

“We can validate people’s accounts of any dispute, see what actually happened,” MetLife Stadium director of security and safety services Daniel DeLorenzi said. “We can simply call our command center, see on video exactly who was involved and what occurred. The video also has evidentiary value; it’s been used to see if anyone should be arrested and who.”

The Jets fan knockout punch wasn’t the first instance of violence at NFL stadiums in 2014. Earlier this month, a 49ers fan suffered a serious head injury at Levi’s Stadium after he was assaulted by two other men during a dispute in the stadium’s bathroom. The two men were arrested and charged with felony assault.