It seems there may be another behind-the-scenes feud brewing in the Duggar family. Following reports of childhood tensions between “19 Kids and Counting” star’s Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s daughter newlywed Jessa, 22, and Jana, 24, a new report is speculating that their other recently wed (and pregnant) daughter Jill might also be involved in a familial spat.

According to a report from the Inquisitr, Jill, 23, follows pretty much everyone in the Duggar clan on Twitter except for her sister Jessa. A quick look at her “following” list shows she keeps up with just 16 other accounts. While her husband, Derick Dillard, 25, her cousin Amy Duggar, her expectant sister-in-law Anna, her brother Josh, her parents, and family friends Lawson and Zach Bates are all included in her list, Jessa and her husband Ben Seewald, who are both active on Twitter, are not.

Jessa, who tied the knot the knot to Ben, 19, in Arkansas last month, follows an even smaller amount on the social media site, just 8 people, but her sister Jill is included in her list.

So could there be a feud brewing between the two recently married siblings? It seems unlikely. The pair have both expressed love for one another on their family’s hit TLC reality series “19 Kids and Counting” and online. In September, Jessa posted a childhood photo of Jill and three of their other siblings calling them “adorable.” Jill even publicly wished Jessa a happy birthday on the site last month. “Happy Birthday Jessa buddy! We are so happy for you and Ben!” reads Jill's Nov. 5. post. “Hope you have the best birthday ever!”

While it’s unclear whether or not the siblings are privately on the outs, one thing is certain, Jessa doesn't have the best history with her female siblings. In the 2014 Duggar women’s shared book “Growing Up Dugggar: It’s All About Relationships,” Jana, the eldest daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle, discussed her childhood feud with Jessa.

In one of the book’s passages, Jana claims was reportedly forced to share a bunk bed with Jessa in order to help solve their childhood fights. In spite of their mother’s efforts to have them get along, Jana recalled Jessa kicking her bed throughout the night and laughing at her when she was upset. In an effort to calm her actions, Jana said she was advised to give up one of her most prized possessions, a jewelry box, and kill her badly behaved sibling with kindness.

“It was hard to give away one of the most treasured possessions, especially to someone I wasn’t happy with,” she wrote. “I told Jessa I had something to give her. I told her I loved her and handed her my gift.”

During promotions for the book's release in March, Jessa admitted to having fights with her sisters during an interview with Penn Live. “We really wanted to share a lot of the stories that you may not have heard before,” she said. “I guess the main thing is, people always ask us, ‘Do you have any problems? Do you all ever fight? Are you normal?' Yes, we are.”