Joe Jonas has been experiencing a busy year. The middle Jonas brother has gone solo in a side project. With an album and tour coming up within a few weeks, it seems crazy to think that the 22 year-old also has a new movie in the works. The See No More star has two roles in the project--actor and producer. Joe Jonas is truly living the fast life.

 Jonas' album art for his album: Fast Life has recently been unveiled and of course, fans approve. so. hot. i. cant. even. i was literally sobbing when i saw it, a fan wrote on Twitter. Many fans are also anticipating the release of the album in the fall. His singles See No More, co-written by Chris Brown, and I'm Sorry, have been embraced favorably. His other single, Love Slayer has also been trending, however, many assume it is about his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift. The two experienced and very public breakup in 2008, but Jonas insists they are now friends, not enemies. He also says that this song is not about Swift at all.

No. That's not about her, he said in an interview with Metro. When I write songs, I don't say who they are about because I don't want the audience to relate to what was going on with me when I wrote it. You say one thing and it becomes a rumor. The singer would like to collaborate with Swift one day, actually. I think there's a great opportunity for [a collaboration] to happen, he said in a different interview.

Staying true to his album title, Jonas will actually be living the fast life on tour soon as well. He will be joining Britney Spear on some dates


in her Femme Fatale tour in Europe.It is a dream come true, Jonas said. She's the perfect headlin

er. I've always been a huge fan of her music. I can't wait to go over to Europe. It's going to be the greatest experience. And he has a joint tour set up with Jay Sean that is already sold out in certain venues. yeah! Let's do this, Jonas tweeted to Jay Sean after

he had sent him a photo of a marquee revealing their sold out show in NY.

While Joe has experienced success as a music artist, the Jonas as an actor is a different story. The Jonas Brothers starred in the mega-popular Camp Rock films, also starring Demi Lovato. The music filled flicks aired on Disney Channel and sky-rocketed the young stars to fame. After the release of the second installment, Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam, the Jonas Brothers, Lovato, and the cast of the film went on a world tour in 2010. Joe and his brothers also had two shows on Disney Channel-- Jonas and Jonas LA. However, they were cancelled after two seasons. Since then, Joe has branched off into short appearances on music videos and television shows including Hot in Cleavland, starring Betty White.

The film he will star in and produce is still very much in the early stages. I was in Mexico City last week and my manager called me and said, 'The movie's financed!' the 22-year-old See No More singer told mtvU's Lifebeat in West Hollywood. I was, like, in tears.

The storyline is still bare bones, but I will say he has a specific dream that he wants to accomplish, and it's the good and the bad he has to go through to get there, Jonas said. It's going to be an older-feeling kind of movie.

It's a little bit of everything, he continued. One of my favorite movies is The Four Feathers, and that has everything. It has funny, romantic, passionate...I want to do something like that.

While Jonas juggles everything in his plate, fans look forward to all of his projects. SO PROUD OF U @JOEJONAS!!! Can't wait to see it, u are gonna be AMAZING! =), a fan wrote on twitter.

Catch his album Fast Life in stores Oct. 11 in the US and his tour begins Sept. 9.

Check his latest performance of I'm Sorry below.