Fans of John Mayer are disappointed to hear that the singer/songwriter will be taking an indefinite hiatus from performing due to medical reasons. The 34-year-old singer endured surgery last fall to treat granuloma affecting the vocal cords, and today he published on his blog that the condition has grown back.

This is bad news, he wrote. Because of this, I have no choice but to take an indefinite break from live performing. Though there will be a day when all of this will be behind me, it will sideline me for a longer period of time than I care to have you count down.

Although tour dates are cancelled, the musician said his upcoming album, Born and Raised, is still scheduled for release on May 22.

And Mayer isn't the only one disappointed about his illness. Fans expressed their sympathy for the ailing artist via Twitter:

I feel so bad for John Mayer. Another indefinite vocal hiatus. Such a sad situation. Please recover quickly! one fan tweeted.

John Mayer cancelled his tour. I am so sad. The granuloma in his throat grew back. Most depressing blog post ever, posted another.

John Mayer's tour is cancelled? Is this some kind of sick joke? wrote one confused fan.

Rumors have circulated that the singer's most recent single, Shadow Days, is an apology to country pop artist Taylor Swift, according to In the song, Mayer sings:

Well I ain't no troublemaker/ And I never meant her harm/ But it doesn't mean I didn't make it hard to carry on.

No information has been confirmed on whether or not the song is directly related to Swift, but the Your Body is a Wonderland singer isn't letting his sickness slow down his creative process.

I feel really vibrant as a writer at the moment and there's no reason not to begin the next album project in the time I would have been touring, he wrote.

Despite the illness, the vocalist and guitarist vowed to make use of his time during the indefinite break.

The greatest gift in the world is being able to create music no matter what the circumstances, he wrote. So these are the new circumstances, and I'll find a way to make it mean something. That's all you can ever do.