Joseline Hernandez from "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" is making headlines again after announcing that she is bisexual. The reality star affirmed her support for the LGBTQ community while simultaneously saying she is attracted to men and women alike.

The Examiner reported that a fan asked, "I wonder if Ms Joseline supports gay people?" which prompted Hernandez to respond "Soy Bisexual!!!! (I am Bisexual)."

It's not the first time the public has prompted the reality star to expose herself. Rumors that Joseline Hernandez was really a man circulated over the Internet and prompted the recording artist and reality star to put out nude photos to prove her gender.

In an attempt to stop from people spreading rumors about her, she posted on Twitter, ""B*****s I'm 100% women [sic]," she said. "F*** tall eat my p****."

Click here, if you wish, to see the naked head-to-toe photos Hernandez posted from Media Takeout.

Hernandez is also allegedly engaged to famed producer Stevie J., who has vowed that she is 100 percent female, the Examiner said.

"Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" follows Hernandez as a recording artist and her personal relationship with Stevie J. The two have mixed business with pleasure, and Hernandez doesn't want to continue working professionally together any longer.

"Because I signed a contract with him, Stevie thinks that he owns me, but all he's gonna getting from is that 30 percent that I signed for and that's it. I'm not gonna let him control me and my career," Hernandez says on the latest episode of "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta."

"I'm gonna work with you or without you," she adds.

But Stevie J. doesn't want Hernandez to think she can walk all over him, "Ma, I'll shut you down if I want to."

Hernandez tries to explain to him why their relationship isn't working out.

She says, "I feel that something when I try to do my things you try to compete with me."

Stevie J. blatantly tells her, "We gotta stop f******."

"You wanna stop having sex with all of this?" Joseline asks. She then proceeds to stand up and flaunt her body.

"Even if you try you couldn't," she adds.

At the end of the clip Stevie J. says that he refuses to break the contract with Hernandez because she is going to make him money.

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