The Josh Hamilton photobomb is taking the Internet by storm and making a lot of fans jealous.

The Texas Rangers posted a photobomb of the outfielder inserting himself into the background of a picture taken by three female fans at the edge of the dugout at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Texas.

The Rangers posted the Josh Hamilton photobomb on the team's Facebook page. As of late Tuesday morning, the photo, which can be seen below, has more than 26,000 likes, nearly 1,000 shares and more than 1,000 comments.

Hamilton, 31, who was voted an All-Star starter over the weekend, appears in the background of the shot in a Rangers undershirt, glasses and waving his left hand in the background.

When taking a photo at Rangers Ballpark, you never know who might be behind you ..., the baseball franchise said on its Facebook page.

A photobomb is the intentional sabotage of a picture, usually as a prank that is not caught until the subjects of the photo view the picture. But the three girls who had their picture taken in the Josh Hamilton photobomb don't sound annoyed by the prank.

If anything, Amber Dressler and her two friends, Alyson McIlvanie and Sarah Lehman, are thrilled to have been the victims of a Josh Hamilton photobomb,

Everyone's going to be jealous, because all my friends are Rangers fans, McIlvanie told News Channel 6.

The girls were treated to a Texas Rangers game on Saturday as a gift from Amber's father, John Dressler. Initially, none of them had any idea Josh Hamilton had worked his way into the shot of the girls posing by the Rangers dugout.

I was just thinking how amazing it was that he was in the background of our picture because we all love him, Amber Dressler told the television station. He's Josh Hamilton!

The Josh Hamilton photobomb was a huge hit on Facebook after the Rangers posted the picture Sunday.

Photobomb win? commented Facebook user Jonas Salas.

I am super jealous that's sooo freaking cool lol, added Brad Taylor.

Hamilton is an awesome photobomb! exclaimed Natasha Jones.

What I wouldn't give to have him 'show up' in one of my pictures! said Pamela J. Kea Chaney.

Hamilton is one of the greatest success stories in baseball after turning his career around amid previous struggles with alcohol and substance abuse. He is batting .314 this season with 25 home runs and 73 RBI