Josh Hutcherson may not have been very vocal about his support for Hillary Clinton in the days leading to the election, but he is now making up for it by asking his fans to join him in protesting against President-elect Donald Trump. The 24-year-old actor has been taking to social media to call on to people to join the “#NotMyPresident” revolution.

Just this early Thursday, Jennifer Lawrence’s  “Hunger Games” co-star took to Twitter to point out why people should join the revolution against Trump. “#PeacefulProtest #NotMyPresident #LoveTrumpsHate REVOLUTION! Follow our president elects (sic) own words!” he wrote alongside a retweet of a circulating post showing Trump’s statements when he thought that Romney won the 2012 presidential election.

In a previous tweet, Hutcherson shared a footage of the protest in Los Angeles. He captioned it: “UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL! #PeacefulProtest #NotMyPresident.” In the footage, protesters could be seen gathering as they shout for justice in the wake of Trump’s victory.

Hours prior, the “Bridge to Terabithia” actor asked his millions of followers to join the peaceful protest in downtown Los Angeles to echo the voice of everyone who is not pleased with Trump’s win. “Come join in a peaceful march through downtown LA to show the world how many of us feel!” he tweeted.

Hutcherson previously expressed his disapproval of Trump before the Republican candidate was announced the winner of the presidential election. “As an American if Trump is elected… I am deeply sorry. This is not the world I dream of,” he wrote on Wednesday.

Hutcherson is one of the celebrities who encouraged people to vote in the recently concluded election. But unlike many others who really promoted their favored candidate, the 24-year-old chose to not overtly identify his choice and instead focused on advocating for everyone to vote. On election day, he even shared a video message on Facebook to let everyone now that they should be voting for their future.